Temporary live-in care

Care services catered to the individual and provided on an hourly basis, tailored to an individuals needs.



KC Tailored Care are please to offer a temporary live-in service, providing a sitting/chaperone type care service for loved ones with care needs. Temporary live-in care can be offered on an hourly basis and provides clients the reassurance and comfort of care within a familiar setting.

Care is catered to the individual – whether the need is strictly social such as going on visits to garden centers or local support groups, or preparing meals and having a cup of tea and a chat. We offer personalised care and support, so you and your loved one have the service that you want, in the way you both want it.

Our reliable, compassionate staff are fully vetted and trained, so that you have the peace of mind that your loved one is in good hands. To discuss a care and support service for you and your loved one please contact us.

Keron and Clare have been providing care at home for my wife, who has advanced dementia, for a number of years. The standard of care they provide is exemplary demonstrating a full understanding of her needs. They have become her friend as well as her carer. Their presence enables me to take breaks fully confident that my wife is properly looked after when I am away. Their presence therefore not only enhances my wife’s quality of life but my own as well.

Stuart, Crowthorne