Hospital returns

Our hospital to home service can enable you to return home after a stay in hospital, we can help you to settle back in to your familiar surroundings.

Whether you require a high level of care when returning home from hospital, or just some support with daily activities during the  recuperation period, our carers can help you to settle back into your own home.

Our Hospital return care service is ideal for clients who are currently an in-patient in hospital, wishing to return home immediately after being discharged, or due to be admitted to hospital and will require support after they have been discharged.Or perhaps discharge has already occurred and you have found that you aren’t coping quite as well as you initially thought you would? Whatever your circumstance, we can offer a hospital to home service tailored to meet your individual needs.

Keron and Clare have been providing care at home for my wife, who has advanced dementia, for a number of years. The standard of care they provide is exemplary demonstrating a full understanding of her needs. They have become her friend as well as her carer. Their presence enables me to take breaks fully confident that my wife is properly looked after when I am away. Their presence therefore not only enhances my wife’s quality of life but my own as well.

Stuart, Crowthorne